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DHODT-LMXE.VX Hybrid Multiplexer is positioned on the IP/MPLS/PTN/SDH metro edge access layer. It unifies IP/MPLS/PTN and SDH/MSTP transportation technologies into a single platform, intended for smooth transition from SDH to IP/MPLS/PTN. It connects to an IP/MPLS/PTN network through GE/10GE NNI optical interfaces, supporting large switching capacity of Ethernet services, service-based end-to-end OAM, fine management etc.; When connecting to an SDH network, uplink interfaces can be optical STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64 ports and supports various UNI services such as E1, C37.94, RS232, pass-through and switched ETH. These UNI’s may be used to connect to SDH terminals, PDH terminals, and media converters. DHODT-LMXE.VX supports different network topologies like chain, star, ring, tangent rings, and intersecting rings.

DHODT-LMXE.VX hybrid multiplexer comprises of aggregation side cards and tributary side cards. It is a 4U tall device, containing 22 slots which include two power supply card slots, 2 TDM master-control cross-connect card slots, 2 PKT cross-connect aggregation card slots, 10 TDM service slots and 6 PKT service slots.


*Large-capacity, wide functional coverage

(I)100G Packet / 120G TDM unified exchange, 16 service slots

(II)Meet large capacity 100G dual plane requirements

(III)Functional coverage SDH / MSTP / MSAP / PCM / IP / IPRAN / PTN multilane

*Small size

(I)Standard 19-inch width, height 4U, saving room space

*Soft and hard pipes for high reliability and efficient transmission

(I)SDH hard pipe high-quality, low-latency transmission of TDM and packet services, ensuring reliable transmission  of  important  production  scheduling  services  and  leased  line  services,  while  ensuring business security

(II)MPLS-TP-based packet soft pipe supports packet statistical multiplexing to ensure efficient and reliable bearer of large bandwidth data services

(III)Soft and hard pipeline based on unified switching, taking into account existing network services and future IP services, achieving smooth evolution of the transport network

*High reliability

(I)Power card 1+1 hot backup

(II)TDM cross-aggregation clock card 1+1 hot backup

(III)Main control exchange aggregation card 1+1 hot backup

*Focus industry characteristics

(I)Built-in PCM features to achieve ALL-IN-ONE solution to meet the requirement of industry customers for low-rate service access

*Rich service slots

(I)10 TDM Slots,support SDH/MSTP/MSAP/PCM service cards

(II)6 packets exchange PKT slots,support IP/IPRAN/PTN data service cards

(III)2 TDM plane cross-convergence slots

(IV)2 switching plane man cross-aggregation slots

*Rich interfaces

(I)Supports PCM voices such as STM-1/4/16/64, FE electrical port, GE electrical port, GE optical port,10GE port, E1, FXO/FXS/hotline/2/4-wire & EM Service interface, RS232/RS422/RS485, Co-directional G.703 64K, C37.94, Dry contact (I/O) interface

*Good interoperability

(I)Support business can be interoperable with SDH/MSTP/MSAP/PCM/IP/IPRAN/PTN products of our company or other manufacturers.

*Multi-plane unified network management


*Exchange Capacity

Packet Switching: 100G

TDM: 120G (high order: 100G, low order: 20G)

*Interface Type

-Packet interface type

FE, GE, 10GE, XGE, E1, STM-1

-MSTP interface type

STM-1/4/16/64, E1, FE/GE/10GE

-PCM  interface type

FXO/FXS/hotline/2-wire/4-wire&EM etc.PCM voice service interface, RS232/RS422/RS485, same direction 64K, C37.94, relay protection dry contact

*Power Input


Input: -48V (-36V ~ -60V)

Output: 5V 100W, 12V 200W or -48V 30W


Input: ~220V (165V ~ 265V)

Output: 5V 100W, 12V 200W or -48V 30W

*Operating environment

Operating temperature: -15ºC~60ºC

Working humidity: 10-90%RH(Non-condensing)

*Ethernet feature

L2VPN supports E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree

VPWS and VPLS are based on MPLS-TP MS-PW



Support blacklist, broadcast message suppression, ACL

VLAN switching

MAC address support:

Support static MAC address table, dynamic MAC address table

Support port-based, VLAN-based MAC address learning limit

The network management software can query the MAC address of the user data packet.


Rate limit (as port-based VLAN ID, based on the port + VLAN ID);

Priority Trust (DSCP based Priority, CoS priority is based);

Flow classification (based on port, based on DSCP priority, based on ToS priority, based on the CoS priority, based VLAN ID, based ACL rules, based on source or destination the MAC, based on the source or destination the IP, based on the source or destination TCP / UDP port number , based on the PW label or MPLS LSP, the EXP based MPLS LSP or PW);

Behavior (redirection, traffic mirroring, traffic policing);

Priority mapping (based on DSCP, based on CoS priority, based on MPLS EXP), queue

scheduling (SP, WRR, WDRR, SP+WRR, SP+WDRR);

WRED-based congestion avoidance, queue-based traffic shaping, flow-based traffic statistics;

Support port mirroring, source port may be provided and the destination port.





-Ethernet OAM

Support IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 protocols; Supports the functions of the OAM active/passive mode, the OAM link discovery, the OAM remote loopback, the OAM link event, the fault display, the performance statistics, and the remote power failure alarm.

Complying with IEEE 802.1ag and support performance testing and fault management ITUT Y.1731 protocol also supports with SLA function, response time, network jitter, delay, packet loss rate statistics and other network information;

Support remote network monitoring RMON function.


-Device level protection

(1)Power card 1+1hot backup

(2)TDM main control cross-aggregation card 1+1hot backup

(3)Main control PK exchange clock card 1+1 hot backup

-MPLS-TP protection

LSP/PW linear protection, ring protection

-SDH service protection



Ethernet and SDH network both support clock synchronization

Support G.813,Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2

Support adaptive clock recovery(ACR)

2 wire 2MHz or 2Mbit/s extend synchronous clock source

2 wire extend synchronous clock source

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