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V-IPMUX-63 is E1 over Ethernet multiplexer product designed and made by VeeCOM. This converter E1 data encapsulated in the packet , support SAToP agreement and UDP/IP packet mode, that can be used to provide E1 communication channels over Ethernet or IP networks.

  • provide 1 channel STM-1(63 E1 service) over 1 Ethernet adaptive
  • Provide 5 GE electrical ports(two ports are uplink ports and the other three are local data ports,Anyone of 5 GE electrical ports may act as NM port), and 1 GE optical port ( used as either uplink port or local data port.)
  • support SAToP protocol, Ethernet encapsulation support IP/UDP.,support E1 Qos
  • E1 clock supports 3 mode: local clock, adaptive and loopback
  • Provide 2 STM-1 optical ports , Support 1 + 1 protection
  • Ethernet built-in layer 2 switch, support VLAN802.1Q based and QinQ based), port based、8021.1P based and TOS based) Support port speed limited, flow control, MAC address automatic learning and MAC address aging time set;
  • High transmission efficiency, low transmission delay
  • Frequency reduction stability, low jitter and drifting
  • Resist to packet loss, with frame synchronization protection,
  • Enough jitter buffer to resist packet delay variation (PDV)
  • User-friendly Web server supported for easy setup and maintenance
  • Support SNMP network management (V2 version )
  • Support Local and remote Software and hardware online upgrade
  • Support SNTP network time setting
  • Support software test E1 error
  • support AC 100 ~ 260 V and DC-48 V dual power supply, realize 1 + 1 backup

2 STM-1 optical port (1+1 protection), 5GE electrcnical port , 1GE optical port and 1 external clock port

STM-1 port
Transmission rate: 155520kbit/s ±4.6ppm
Line code : scramble NRZ
Optical wavelength : standard 1310NM, optional /5:1550NM
Output average optical power: standard :≥–12 dBm,optional /L、/SL:≥-5dBm,optional /S:≥-14dBm
Optical receiving sensitivity : standard :-36dBm,optional /S:-30dBm
Connector : standard :SC ,optional :FC
Connector qty: 2

GE port
Comply with IEEE 802.3、802.1Q、802.1ad、802.1p recommendation
Working mode :GE: self-negotiation or forced 100M full/half duplex,10M full/half duplex
MTU:9720 byte
Connector :GE electrical port :RJ45, GE optical port: LC
Connector qty: GE electrical port : 5,GE optical port: 1

External clock port
Rate : 2048Kbit/s or 2MHz
Impedance: 75Ω or 120Ω
Connector :RJ-48C
Connector qty:1

AC: 100V~260V/50Hz ~60Hz (fuse: 1A)
DC: -36V ~ -72V
Power Consumption:: ≤9W 

Operating condition
Temperature: (0~45) ℃
Humidity: ≤90%RH (non-condensing)

Width × Height × Depth (mm): 440× 44× 260

Net weight ≤3.5 kg

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