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DHODT-LMFIT is SDH/MSPP ADM Multiplexer which has four slots for different service cards, like STM-1,E1,V.35 and Etherent...ect.

As a key member of VeeCOM "MetroEdge-Express" SDH/MSPP Product family,DHODT-LMFIT is a carrier-class,cost-effective,compact (only 1U high) SDH/MSPP platform that is designed for applications in metro and access networks to facilitate the efficient transport of traditional TDM and emerging data traffic for service providers.DHODT-LMFIT is a modularized unit with 4 universal slots,supporting different interface cards,such as STM-1 fiber optic card,E1 card,Ethernet card(EoS VCAT),and V.35 card. The main board cross-connect capacity is 504×504 VC-12s (8×8 VC-4s), allowing non-blocking adding/dropping services among different interfaces. It supports the hybrid transmission of SDH,PDH,Ethernet and N×64K V.35 services within the same equipment.With the large capacity cross-connect matrix,the  DHODT-LMFIT can be configured as ADM,TM,and REG.It is suitable for multiple network topologies such as point-to-point, chain, ring, hub, and mesh networks.

*4 General slots, supporting a range of interface cards, including SDH, PDH, Ethernet and V.35 cards
*Ethernet service supporting GFP encapsulation, VC12 virtual concatenation (1~63 VC12)
*Large cross-connect matrix capality of 504×504 VC-12s (8×8 VC-4s) and powerful
networking abilit
*LCD display for system configuration and alarm
*Inter-working with popular SDH/MSPP products of  various vendors
*Suitable for 3G access network  transmission
*Easy commissioning and maintenance
*High integration, compact design
*High reliability, low CAPEX and OPEX

SDH Interface
Max:8 STM-1 optical interfaces (Four F155-DO cards used)
Spec:S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2 
Single fiber bi-directional interface can be optionally supported

Service Card (4 General Slots)
F155-O  Single STM-1 optical interface card
F155-DO Dual STM-1 optical interfaces card
F4XE1   4×E1 interface card  (75ohm)
F8XE1   8×E1 interface card  (75ohm or 120ohm)
FFE201  2×FE interface card 
(2 FEs over a single virtual concatenation channel)
FFE404  4×FE interface card 
(4 FE interface over 4 independent virtual concatenation channels)
F2XV35  2×V.35 framed interface card (N×64k)

PDH interface
E1 Comply with G.703, 2.048Mbps, HDB3
Max E1:24E1 (three F8XE1 cards support)

Ethernet Interface
Comply with IEEE 802.3,10/100Base-Tx,
Max FE Interface:12 FE (three FFE404 cards support)
Encapsulation:Comply with ITU-T G.7041 (GFP)

Max Interface:6 V.35 interfaces (n×64K)
Work Mode:DCE/DTE
Cross-connect Capacity
Low order VC12:504×504 VC12

Protocol:SNMP or Q3
Interface:10Base-T and RS232/RS485

EOW interface
Standard socket RJ11

LCD Display

Physical Dimension
1U: 440 × 44 ×230 (mm)

Power Supply
-48V DC or 220V AC or dual power supply
Consumption ≤15 w

Humidity:≤90 % 

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